Spiderman Costume

Cosplay Contest  Judges & Info

The Cosplay Contest Will Take Place 12:30 to 3:00PM

Meet Our Judges


Gregory J. Horton

Gregory J. Horton is an Associate Professor and Interim Director of Theatre and Executive Director of the Paul Robeson Theater, whose areas of concentration are Costume Design and Directing. Horton is on faculty a North Carolina A&T State University in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts/Theatre.


Derrick Batten Jr.

Derrick E. Batten, Jr. is from Kinston, North Carolina. He graduated from North Carolina A&T State University in 2020 and received his BFA in Professional Theatre (Acting). He defines himself as an Actor/SFX Makeup Artist but also works in theatre management. He plans to continue onstage performances, makeup, management, and film.

TikTok: @derrickbattenjr


Abi Havens AKA "DippyCatt"

DippyCatt is a competitive cosplayer and guest craftsmanship judge. She specializes in EVA foam armor and light sewing. 
She has won craftsmanship awards, as well as a few coveted "Best in Show" titles.
DippyCatt often incorporates cereal boxes, soda bottles, and paper towel rolls in her builds, proving you don't need the best materials to make something amazing! 

She pursues a degree in Medical Lab Technology on the side.

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                                                TRIAD COMIC CON COSPLAY CONTEST

                                                          Costume Rubric


CREATIVITY: (20) Contestants spin or formal idea of character portrayal.


Mimicality: (20) Contestants ability to look-a-like, or portray the character with precision.


Originality (15) Contestants special flare and personal touch.


Technic: (15) Technical values and ability to pull off an extraordinary costume.


Make-Up Quality: Contestant adding the final touch with outstanding make-up to complete the final look.


Overall Concept (10) Contestants ability to pull all the above attributes together. 




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