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Danny J. Quick

Husband - Father - Veteran - Writer - Designer

Ever since 2008 when I was deployed to Iraq, I've been writing superhero stories and learning how to craft wonderful tales through the process of making comic books. I have a beautiful wife named Teyona (Queen Zadye is modeled after her) and 4 wonderful children who also have characters in our little comic book universe. 

I've always believed that we can learn a lot through the stories we read and tell to each other, and I'm glad that I've been able to share a part of myself through the characters and stories I've created over the years. 

Aceblade is my flagship character (The Purple Ninja Guy). I've been writing Aceblade's stories for the longest and his themes of vigilance and the fight against greed resonate most with me in my real life. He's the main reason I started creating the 4th Wall Universe in the first place. I'm loving this journey so far and I can't wait to keep growing and learning as we do bigger and bolder things! 

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Triad Comic Con is thrilled to have Danny Quick as a Spotlight  Guest! His  passion and creativity is felt in his writings and seen in the artwork of his comics!  Make sure you pick up some AceBlade  comics & gear  as well as the other comics put out by 4Th Wall Comics!   

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